Behind FAITH






My name Faith has a story to it. My mama says I was born with complications that she was admitted in hospital earlier than expected. I was born with complications that saw me spend the first of weeks of life and my first Christmas in hospital as doctors tried to figure out how they would save my life. My body was pricked in all parts in order trace a vein, on little arms, legs and somewhere on my head. Today I look at these giant scars on my body that have never faded despite the years and I am reminded that GOD knew me even before the foundations of the earth were laid. HE indeed had me in HIS plan and that I would live and be a living testimony.

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It’s  back again and everyone is extremely excited. Just like the rest, I am keen on BLACK FRIDAY Offers when sellers cut prices by almost 50% or even more. This year I am entirely looking: a new camera, high end make up and skin care products plus a few outfits to add to my small closet.

Here are some of the websites with good deals:
1. Electronics:

2. Fashion and style:

Boohoo I personally I wear and swear by Boohoo. They make online shopping just right, easy and convenient. I am sure that at least 95% their items are just as seen on TV.

ASOS with 20% off on every item. I love the fact that they do worldwide delivery too, no matter where you are, you are sure that you can shop from all your favourite stores.


Missguided has even made it better with 30% off. At least my fashion lust list will diminish this time round.


Sephora your one stop centre for beauty and skin products.



Happy Black Friday,

Happy shopping and Happy weekend




I recall on 3rd November, 2014 my best girl dragged me to a salon after a lot of persuasive words that my hair would come out fly. I particularly hadn’t made up my mind to have a big chop because I had dreaded the change, how my big head would eventually look without the mask- my hair.

I recall I kept asking her if she was sure I would not look outrageous. T make it worse I vowed not to pay if I the look backfired. Thanks to heaven, i loved the outcome and one year down the road, I am still loving my hair.

Note to self:

Everyone is scared about change but change is good. Today, I wouldn’t trade my natural hair for any relaxer basically because:

  • I can have it straight, curled, dreadlocked among others without any chemical relaxer.
  • I have fallen in love my texture and seen my edges grow without.
  • I have learned that hair grows just like finger nails do.

Here is me one year ago after my big chop:

IMG_8164 IMG_8163
and the NATURAL HAIR person I am today.






Taking Stock: October series

Taking stock series

I have not been keen on making this post because I just don’t want it to be a routine but rather a reflective post. Today since its #UGBlogWeek I am compelled to hit publish.

Completing: The Online writing in science course that has been running for six weeks so far. I must say that I have learnt a lot from it. Here is the link if anyone is interested, I guess the new in-take will start soon. Continue reading

Maintaining my Afro Kinky twists

Hey lovelies,

It’s ages since I last wrote a post. I have been swamped with lots of work and with the year coming to and end, I still have to tick off some backlogs.

Straight to the point,  this is the longest time I have had my twist extensions, they will be making 16weeks on Friday. It’s long! Yes it is very long! Reasons:

  • Salon is a luxury here, can’t afford the spend $300 AUDs on having my hair braided.
  • My patience is on test. I need to learn to be patient if I want my hair healthy and long.
  • Thanks to YouTube, I have learned how to braid my own hair, so I have done repair on my nape and  balm.

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