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Named after a ”zillion ideas that run through my mind on a daily basis. If I chose to document all the ideas and random thoughts that run through my mind daily, I would automatically have a full time job. From the Dictionary definition of the word galore, “in abundance/ sufficient/ in great numbers, you already know what this blog is about.

Needless to say, Purely galore is a personal blog and platform on which I share my thoughts, life experiences, inspirations, fashion and lifestyle tips, healthy living, food and travel. I have always loved to write but my writings never left my notepads and sticky notes but on one fateful day this year (2015), out of the blue I scribbled down my first blog post and here I am now finding my fulfilment in writing. I write to express my views, my opinions, feel good at the end of the day and the need to share as I learn from others too. I hope as you read this today, you will join me on this learning journey and enjoy my a sneak peek of my life shared on this blog.


Preffered name:  Faye/ Liz or Faith Liz or any of them. My mind kinda found a middle ground when it comes to my name

Origin: African-Ugandan

Age: 20 something years but an 80’s baby

Living: Currently in Australia

Favourite colour: I am pulled towards bright colours but any day any time, black works for me

Profession: PhD student- Medical Research

Hobbies: Fashion, blogging, shopping, working out,reading and reading and reading

Dreams: To be able to inspire at least one person each day of my life

Cause: Women emancipation, end to suffering and racism, upholding the girl child

Religion: I love JESUS

You want to introduce yourself? drop me an email purelygalore@gmail.com

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