Beauty hack- Fuller lips


If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I love a polished dewy  face and fuller lips.  Since I naturally have small lips, I’ve had to find ways to make them look plumper and fuller without surgery. You want to know how I achieve this? Then keep reading.

1. Always prepare the lips first so that the surface is soft and clean. Start by removing flaky build up by lightly brushing the lips with a toothbrush. I personally like to make a sugar and honey scrub (honey for the consistence and sugar for the exfoliation) for my lips. This will also boost blood circulation, which promotes lip fullness and colour. I then smooth on a lip balm to nourish the pout.

2. Thin lips? Extend the boundaries with a little concealer. Simply slather concealer over the entire lip surface and just beyond the outer lip line. This will blur the lip edges, giving you more surface area to work with. The  neutralising effect of the concealer will also make your lip colour stands out.

3.  Overdrawing your lip line is the lip version of a push up bra! Choose a lip pencil in an identical shade to your chosen lipstick and trace it just a few millimetres outside your natural lip line. Once you’ve lined the outside, fill in the entire lips with pencil. This will not only masks the natural lip line but also help your lipstick colour to stay put.
4.  Once the lips have been filled, you’re ready to add your matching lipstick colour. Using the pencilled-in area as a guide, apply the lipstick colour onto the lips, starting from the centre at the cupid’s bow and working out to the edges. When you’ve achieved the desired lippie colour density, blot with a tissue to remove any excess.

5. Now for the piece de resistance: take a gloss – either clear or matching the lippie colour and dab it onto the middle of both lips. (Don’t spread it out!) This concentrated gloss creates an added dimension to your lips, which results in an illusion effect that makes the lips appear bigger. Magic!

6. Don’t stop once with your lip colour! The final lip enhancing trick is to once again use a concealer to define the new lip edges. Dip a thin brush into your concealer and run it around the outside edge of the lip colour. This will have the effect of making the lip colour pop forward – making the lips appear bigger and better!

Happy Easter to you all.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13

love and love



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