February Faves


February has been a rollercoaster kind of month, few days, and anxiety piles, swamped by work. To make it worse, I have not had stable Internet at my apartment. Oh well, March is here, almost half way, counting down to Easter and loving the new season autumn. Here are some the items that made it to my February Faves.

  • Paula’s Choice Resist C15 super boost serum, It has worked magic on my dark spots.
  • Paula’s choice Glycolic acid- I have used it as an exfoliant to help fade hyper-pigmentation and reduce my flamed large face pores
  • Manicure set– Need I say, very girl needs a set?
  • Lippies– Elizabeth Arden Peon and Barely there, my Favourite nude lipsticks. They are goof for every daywear not forgetting M.A.C HOT TAHITI that has stood a test of time.
  • Beautiful scent- Juicy Couture it is fruity, juicy and long-lasting. Its scent lingers all day long.


  • thumb_IMG_2278_1024


  1. BOOKS: 
  • Dreams and things Notebook:I use this  I jot down my things and dreams as the title reads
  • Reads- Adulting in 468 easy(ish) steps by blogger Kelly Williams Brown
    Kelly helps you  with her simple yet practical ways of making it through to adulthood. She gives hints on what to wear to your first job interview, renting your very own apartment and also truly important: how NOT to hook up with anyone in your office. How to act professional and the basics when it comes to office etiquette.


  • Working out: It has kept my spirit high and helped me with concentration and now its teaching me discipline.
  • Cooking: Been trying out many new recipes, new foods and new fresh fruit cocktails.
  • Photography: I am a photography amateur and with blogging I need to perfect my art of photography. Been learning how to take crisp flat lays- DSLR gimmicks and jargon while putting it into practice
  • Stretching and meditation– I shouldn’t say that I do Yoga but I do meditation.

What topped your February list? I would love to hear from you.

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