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January has actually been one of the busiest months in my entire life I am glad it is coming to an end. Just from the one week-Festive holiday break, I had to get kick into my busy schedule, look for a new apartment, move apartments, meet some deadlines and kick start some 2016 resolutions. Here I am today, 17 days later, if you consider my last blog post.

When I was chosen by El to take part in the the Me TAG, I was so excited but have hardly had any “ME time”. But today being the last Friday in the first month of 2016, I just had to have some time off to get this ball rolling. Without further ado lets get into this:

What do you watch/read during me time?

I have always loved TV but it always gets me tired so often times the screen watches me instead of me watching it. But on a good day, I catch up on my favorite series: Big bang theory (the science and humor), modern family (Phil Phil cracks my ribs), Empire (Sadly no new season until GOD knows), 2 broke girls among others. For movies I make it point to watch one every weekend or two. I recently enjoyed MAXCinderella and  Paddington.
When it comes to reading, I have been reading lots of books, I am a book-worm that I read almost everything except politics.  I am inclined to self help books, inspirational and mind challenging and fiction books. I have read many in the lines of Paulo Coelho, Elisabeth Wilson, Khaled Hosseini, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, John Grisham among others. I have also bookmarked Good reads because it challenges me to have a book to read always.

What do you wear during me time?

In my me time: I am more of a camisole and leggings girl. Australia gets so hot even with air-con so I am always in a vest and shorts. To be honest, I am just learning to wear maxi and loose fitting cloths.

// What are your me time beauty products?

I am more of a beauty junkie, I love everything that makes my skin feel supple and dew. When it comes to beauty products, I have always believed beauty comes with a price so U try as much as possible to invest in my beauty products ( this will be a post on its own I promise).  But in my Me time, You will find me doing a clay facial mask, Soaking my feet in sea salts, painting my nails and tweezing my eyebrow ( all these are DIYs).  I also can’t do away with my vaseline petroleum jelly, Nivea Superior protection petroleum jelly and Mac studio fix foundation to powder.

Current favorite nail polish?


Nails Nails Nails, I love Luron nail polish from Kenya (it is readily available in East Africa  it’s priced reasonably for the African market and it does not chip for weeks). But when I want a high end pampering session, I reach for OPI,  Sally Hansen and Rimmel nail polishes.

// What do you eat/drink during me time?


Me time means I can afford to have a minute or two to don my apron, pull out my cook book and have a decent and healthy meal. I eat anything ranging from fruits, vegetables, tuna fish, eggs, brown rice, chapati, Mandazi among others. I love to drink green tea, hot water with a slice of lemon, cold water and a home made African spiced cup of tea. To me any time is tea time.

// Current favorite candle?

Its until of recent that I have come to love candles. You will notice that my new apartment has a may candles with beautiful scents, all well decorated on the dining table, bathroom.

// Do you ever have outdoor me time?

Yes, I usually take walks into recreation parks. I prefer jogging to new destinations, a long walk instead of taking a bus on a Friday like this. Outdoor me time helps me think and re-focus my energies, its renewing and revitalising.  I also usually go to the shopping malls to window-shop,  decor shops to pick inspiration.

// Favorite online shop?

I have always shopped at BoohooASOS, mostly and occasionally at Ebay. I find Ebay more of a convenience store, it always has everything I need, from hair extensions,  electronics, phone accessories, beauty supplies among others.


// Anything to add? What else do you do during me time?

I love YouTube, its a school to me. I have learned lots of life-changing skills from YouTube

Thanks for stopping by,

Love and Love




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