What’s in my Gym Bag?

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Its that time of the year when we start working on our new year’s resolutions. One that made it my priority list is getting my butt to workout more efficiently and train like a beast. Previously I have always had my workouts at the comfort of my home but this year round, I am hitting the gym.

If you are just like me and its your first time in the gym and you are wondering what you need to pack, then this post is for you.

Must items to have:

Proper gym kit that includes:

  • Trainers (Invest in a good pair of running shoes)
  • Sports bra,
  • Sports vest
  • Sports hoodie (jacket- depends on the weather where you live, if hot, you might not need it)
  • Sports tights(leggings)
  • A gym bag to carry around your kit

When buying gym wear aim for comfort, buy tights that are stretchy, able to absorb sweat and not see-through. Believe me you don’t want to bend down while doing squats or a dead lift and have your entire undies seen. For sports bra buy one that offers maximum support to your boobies so that you are comfortable when exercising.

If your gym doesn’t provide free drinking water please get a water bottle because you will certainly need it.


If you plan to have a shower immediately after your workout at the gym, invest in a good body towel, slippers (flipflops), body shower gel, sponge and a lotion. Since I have dry skin, I also plan to use my vaseline alongside the Body shop lotion.



I have also included a small toiletries bag that holds my spare toiletries when that I plan to use after freshening up.

What do you carry in your gym bag?

I wish you a happy, healthy and safe New year.


Love and Love




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