2016, Make it count 

I took off the last 7 days of 2015 to enjoy and revitalise my mind. You know often we work so hard and forget holidays. This is often common from where I come from, a holiday is seen as luxury and only enjoyed by the “well off to do persons”.

During this time I have enjoyed the gift of family, taken time to do all those activities I have never got time to do ever since July 2015. I have read books, I am now on my second, soaked in sun, baked, gone sightseeing, enjoyed sunset and sunrise among others.


It’s the 2nd of January, 2016 and I am compelled to write and share some of the ways I am going to incorporate into my life or continue doing as often as I can during this new year.IMG_0340

  1. Put GOD first and seek HIS counsel. Heard of that verse: Seek first the Kingdom of GOD and the rest will flow in line? Yes that’s exactly what I am talking of. I have seen GOD work in my life and HE can still work in yours because HE makes everything beautiful.
  2. Mind your flock: Associate with people above you and try to exploit every relationship in a good way so as to learn and grow. Birds of the same feathers flock together, you know.
  3. Acceptance: Accept my current situation because I often times live in denial. I have learned that he best way to change is to accept what I am, who I am and the situation I am in. After this I can work towards being what I want / who I want to be and where I want to see myself.
  4. Change your perception on things. There is no such a thing as born lucky. Quit saying so and so is lucky because luck just doesn’t happen, it’s something you generate by organising your life in a way that maximises every opportunity that comes your way. Change your mindset and chase that which your heart yearns for.IMG_0557
  5. Buoy up yourself:  Try as much as possible to encourage yourself. To be honest courage boosts confidence. There things I did in 2015 that were as a result of courage. Without breaking through our comfort zones we can’t change.IMG_0592.JPG
  6. Save: Save time to do what you love to do, save money as much as you can, save electricity, save water and save food. Be a saviour of sorts.
  7. Spend with a plan: Document your finances and have a plan on what you are to spend. Quit buying quantity and cheap but rather buy durable and only that you need not what you want. I am learning to spend after researching and stop the impulse buying.
  8. Be in control: Take charge of your emotions and learn from failed relationships. Move on when need be.IMG_0688
  9. Listen and be slow to judge.
  10. Happiness: Search happiness and make merry, do something that makes your heart leap with joy. Doing things because of bandwagon and persuasion is so yesterday. So if it is a book, read it, a holiday take it, quitting your job because its not satisfying then you have the green light. At the end of the year, you will thank me.IMG_0397
  11. Plan your life out: Have a plan and a timeline. Say if you are saving, save for a solid item, be it a wedding, buying your first house. This way, you can keep keeping on.
  12. LIVE: Choose to live. Let there be days when you just breath in, leave the hustle and LIVE. At the end of the day, its your life to live and let know one hold you down.IMG_0080
  13. Groom yourself: Wear that fancy dress, spoil yourself with a nice perfume, that pedicure you have kept off for months, that hair cut/ hair do, you know..
  14. Make new friends: Go out and be social, meet new people, network and build your circle of friends because life is better when shared.
  15. Invest: Start a new hobby. start a new business and start something worth investing in your time. It may not count at the start but as time goes on you will see results.
  16. Healthy living: Work out and eat healthy. Health is wealth.


Quote: The pages of yesterday cannot be revised, but the pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen. Make it an inspiring story- Billy Cox

HAPPY 2016. I wish you the very best of this new year and keep stopping by,

Love and LOVE



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