Behind FAITH






My name Faith has a story to it. My mama says I was born with complications that she was admitted in hospital earlier than expected. I was born with complications that saw me spend the first of weeks of life and my first Christmas in hospital as doctors tried to figure out how they would save my life. My body was pricked in all parts in order trace a vein, on little arms, legs and somewhere on my head. Today I look at these giant scars on my body that have never faded despite the years and I am reminded that GOD knew me even before the foundations of the earth were laid. HE indeed had me in HIS plan and that I would live and be a living testimony.

Initially I was only named Liz but since my mama had great Faith that I would survive and live, she named me Faith. The name that resounds in me everyday, you could choose to think of it as a mere word but to me it holds more meaning than anything else. I would love to thank my mama for not giving me any of the fancy names of that tim. Probably she could have named me after her best movie actress or star of that time but she chose Faith. Because Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Because it’s my Birthday week, I have decided to share some facts about me. Feel free to ask me any question about me. I would be glad to answer each and everyone. 

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