STYLING MY TWA~ My Afro Series



I am not sure if you have noticed from Instagram that I am heads over heels in love with my Teeny Weeny Afro. Its  like that overwhelming feeling that you get when you watch someone/ something grow. I have seen my hair grow from the “barely-there phase” to “almost-there” and now at the “there-there”phase. I must admit I have loved every single day of these phases. On that note, I will be making a year on 3rd November- to be exact next week on Tuesday- since my big chop.
Today I am sharing with you my go-to TWA style that is effortless, chic and yet very daring. If you are in non conservative environment or the daring type, I suggest you try out this simple DIY look.


You will need three items, I mean only three items and of course your hands.

  1. An old cotton tee-shirt
  2. Moulding gel/  hair beewax
  3. Gel to lay your edges ( You could skip this if your edges are loyal)

hair Gel



  1. Start with dry clean hair and sparingly apply bee wax to all your hair- only hair not scalp and do not over do it because it will require lots of energy to attain the desired hair style.
  2. Using the old cotton tee-shirt, start rubbing your hair in clock-wise motion. This will be like you are trying to dry your hair.  The clock-wise motion is going to help with creating the curl pattern. It will give your hair that rugged yet daring look.
  3. Its important you do this in section, that is left front, left back right front and right back sections. These sections will simplify the task.
  4. If you have achieved the required curl pattern or look, go ahead and lay your edges.
  5. Voila you have it.

Let me know if you get to attempt this.

Happy Natural hair journey and thanks for stopping by and please follow me on Bloglovin




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