Taking Stock: October series

Taking stock series

I have not been keen on making this post because I just don’t want it to be a routine but rather a reflective post. Today since its #UGBlogWeek I am compelled to hit publish.

Completing: The Online writing in science course that has been running for six weeks so far. I must say that I have learnt a lot from it. Here is the link if anyone is interested, I guess the new in-take will start soon.

Counting: All my blessings, when this month started I was not so convinced that it would turn out as good as it is today. So I would like to take a moment and thank GOD for the far that HE has brought me.

Listening: To piano melodies from my immediate neighbour. At least its refreshing tunes every evening and I surely don’t need Spotify or Triple J FM.

Enjoying: The long walks after work, I purpose to catch the sunset every evening. Its indeed revitalising.

Eating: Nothing, I don’t know why my appetite is eluding me.

Acknowledging: That sometimes things don’t go the way we expect them.This makes me think again, May YOUR will be done as it is in heaven and GOD’s ways are not always our ways. Simple fact of life.

Smiling: Because of the colour everywhere, I was first skeptical about this spring but since the cherries blossomed, I cant help it but smile.



Bookmarking: Natural blogs such as: blacknapsAfrican tresses and treats they are actually quite a number.

Obsessing: Over how long my natural hair has grown and the fact that almost everyone is complementing my hairstyle. It has got me thinking why did I take long to go natural? I also don’t own a comb but oh well, wash and go is my new found happiness 🙂

Working: Out five times a week even if its only five minute-exercise.

Wondering: How long I can have my hair open before I can braid it.

Wishing: I could have more hours in a day to do all I have to do so that at the end of the day I can account for my time efficiently.

Hating: That we don’t have day-light saving in Queensland. You cannot believe that the sun rises at 4:30am and sets at 5:30. The nights are so short!

Planning: On doing a hot hair treatment to my TWA. I will be sure to share how it will turn out in a detailed post.

Looking:  Still looking for a camera that could capture all these beautiful post ideas I have. Hopefully my search will come to an end very soon.

Thankful: For family and friends, the git of life and all the blessings in my life. Not forgetting all of you who leave comments, emojis, likes and encouraging words on this blog. I gratefully appreciate you all.

Watching: Madam secretary- Season one seems so nice, UK X-factor- This time round there is something unique aboutSimon Cowell, I guess its his grey -tinted beard, and many YouTube hair tutorials, the knowledge from YouTube is so rewarding especially if put to a test.

How is or has been your month of October? I am curious to know.

Thanks for stopping by,


For you have been my hope, Sovereign LORD, my confidence since my youth. From birth I have relied on YOU; YOU brought me forth from my mother’s womb. I have become a sign to many; YOU are my strong refuge.
Psalm 71:5-7


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