Blue blend 

I must say I have had one of my best weeks in Brisbane and if I could sit down and recall all the events that have ticked it off,  I would write three blog posts out of this. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed this. From my PhD experiments coming out as planned, an improved skin complexion, love form far and near, the beautiful week and finally to the Brisbane Festival 2015 climax.

Photo credit: Nino

I was blown away but the amazing artistry and innovation that was showcased in this festival. I only had a chance to attend the climax but the feeling was so overwhelming and I was left in awe. The most dazzling  fireworks iced the cake. Isn’t this beautiful?

 Photo credit: Nino
After this wonderful show, I woke up with the feel of blue so I dug into my closet for this Blue lace blend. The weather too was on my side to give that monochrome shade of blue.

How has been your week my lovelies?

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