My Afro (TWA) care

 This November I will be making one year since my big chop. I am really excited because unlike most of people, I have loved my first year of being natural. I have done some of the craziest hairstyles and got away with it. Watched many YouTube videos, joined natural hair groups and learned a lot about natural 4C hair. So today I am sharing some the products I have discovered in this new year and they have worked so well for my hair.

  1. Washing and conditioning: 

First and foremost, this year I learned that using hair shampoo ain’t so good for natural hair. Shampoos leave hair brittle and rid it of its moisture often causing breakage so I resorted to washing my hair with conditioning treatments (conditioners). I picked this leave in conditioner and I should say I love it’s smell and my fro loves it as well.

2. Oiling: 

My afro loves these three oils though I am still on the hunt for organic Shea butter. But before I get it, I will still love and utilise my extra virgin: coconut oil and olive plus the wonderful black Jamaican castor oil (JBCO). I have grown to Iove my spray bottle that contains 75% tap water, 20% oils and 5% my leave in conditioner.

a) Jamaican Black castor oil (JBCO)- I love it’s consistence and it replenishes nourishes and rejuvenates my hair shaft. It’s helped my edges too as it promotes growth of hair. My hair lining is indeed rejoicing.

b) Coconut oil: This has been a staple in my fro care. I have used it every single day to moisturise and oil my hair and scalp. It is so light weight that it doesn’t build up on the scalp and I so love it’s coconut fruit smell too.

c) Olive oil: I recall when I still had relaxed hair, I always bought the most expensive oils on the shelf thinking that they worked best. Now that I am natural I have come to learn and appreciate that saying ” let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” I have learned to use organic based products for my hair and my fro really loves them, This organic extra virgin olive oil locks moisture into my fro leaving it resistant to the harsh weather, beautiful and well-nourished.

3. Styling: 

My go-to styling products are Eco styler gel and this moulding gel wax. I really utilised the latter after my big chop when my hair was still so short. I loved the hair styles and I hope to use this in this second year too.

a) Mouldin’ Gel Wax

I have used this wax to make my famous nappy hair style here and have personal attachment to it. When I saw it in an African shop here, it was love at first sight.

b) Ecostyler Gel

I didn’t utilise this ecostyler gel so much in my first year but since now I have gained enough growth, I am going to try it on my twists out, perm rods setting and flat twists. I hope to share with you my hairstyles too.

I would love to hear what you used for my natural 4C hair and also learn more about your usual fro care routine.
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