MY FITNESS JOURNEY~ what keeps me going

I was never fascinated by working out until I hit my heaviest weight mark (75kg) in November, 2013.  I recall that day when I visited a GP for occupation health screening, I stepped on the scale and couldn’t believe my how many kilos the machine showed. I couldn’t come to terms with this that I had to weigh myself up to 4 times on different machines so as to believe. When my jeans couldn’t fit, I actually thought it was because of the cloth layering in winter and I kept buying bigger jeans.

I started small then, it was never easy but since I needed to drop off what I gained to get back to my 60kgs. I started jogging once a week, cleaned my diet but this was very challenging since the cheapest food in the U.K was (is junk). I was very much challenged but with small steps I persisted. By time it came to spring (March, 2014) I had lost 5kg saw myself dropping fat, losing cellulite and getting leaner. However my expectations were not met because I still had another 10kgs to lose and I almost gave up. But each time I would look at my before and after pictures, I would keep going for one single day. By  the time summer reached I was 67kgs, meaning I had lost 8kg, I noticed that after I lost body fat and had start to see some muscle build up. But  I was not losing enough weight as I had anticipated ( I guess this is what they call a plateau so I decided to incorporate some weight training, did the famous insanity and T25 Workout DVDs. To cut this story short, I am now 65kgs still looking forward getting back to my 60kg goal weight.

Here are some of my tips:

Invest in a good sports gear 

Invest in a good workout gear especially if you are to use your body weight like when jogging/ running. A good pair of running shoes is very important to cushion your feet and knees in order to prevent injuries while working out.

Find what works for you:

Working out is not easy, everyone knows this but to see results you have to find what works for you, what you enjoy doing. It could be riding a bike, going for a jog, joining a Zumba class or signing up for a gym, getting a workout buddy or starting a swimming routine. If you find what makes your heart race and you enjoy it, then you have found a way to start your fitness journey. I love jogging, not treadmill or circuit jogging but cross country jogging. I just did almost 6km this evening.

Start small: 

Should I say, one by one makes a bundle. Start small and with time you will be able to build onto that. I recall just a month ago, I couldn’t run 5km in less than 30minutes but I can do that without so much labour.

Stretch and lengthen

Every after a workout ends our to stretch your muscles in order to cool your body, get better recovery and also to improve on your flexibility.

Take before and after pictures

When I started working out, I wanted quick results cause daaa!! I was giving it my best and I expected to drop pounds ( kilos) in the shortest time possible. I tried fad diets, cut out lots of foods coz desperate situations call for desperate measures but my body was not changing that fast. Each time I would lose hope my before and  after pictures kept me going.

Drop the weigh scale pick up the tape measure:

A weighing scale shouldn’t be your friend if you are trying to lose weight because it can be very frustrating. The best way to track your progress is to use a tape measure. With a tape measure, you will be able to know how many inches/ centimeters you are losing. Losing inches/ centimeters will imply that you are losing weight what a weighing scale might not be able to show.

Get to Instagram

Following Instagram workout pages and fitness trainers is one of the best ways to get motivated. There a thousands of workout short videos that you can try even one those days that you might not want to workout. In addition when you see other people’s progress pictures, you can pick some motivation.

Fitness Apps

I have a couple of apps that I can recommend: my Fitness Pal and Runkeeper. These two apps are my best. I used MyFitnessPalto track what I eat and Run keeper tracks my outdoor workouts, good enough both Apps are free of charge and you can download from App Store and Google play store. Runkeeper saves my  my jogging activities and gives me a rough estimate of the number of calories burnt.

Utilize YouTube.

If you can’t afford to go get gym membership, utilise YouTube, there a couple of beautiful souls out there who have vested their time, resources  and expertise in making workout videos that you can try even at the comfort of your home. Don’t tell me I didn’t tell you.


I can’t emphasise this better but if you expect results from your workouts, make sure you are eating right. Eat a balanced diet and drinking at least 3 liters of water a day. Food is important for fuelling your body, repairing muscles and sustaining your body’s wellbeing.

Don’t expect to lose the weight you gained over time in one day:

Set for yourself, realistic goals and don’t expect instant results. Be patient keep working out often. Quitting won’t solve your problems. Hang in there because people like me are still pressing on. Even the fittest people have times when they thought quitting was the best option out there for them.

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4 thoughts on “MY FITNESS JOURNEY~ what keeps me going

  1. Great tips! I’m a big fan of the app Endomondo…it’s free and tracks type of exercise, distance, calories, duration plus so much more…It definitely is tough – especially as we get older but keep up the good work Faith! 🙂

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  2. Thanks Linda! I agree wth you exercising gets really hard as we age. We tend to find other activities that take up our time. Another point to note is that its best to start up the day with a heart racing activity that you love so it gets off the list of things to do.

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