Hello September- Taking Stock 3


 Starting:  this online writing course, I have been compelled to try it not only teaches me scientific writing but also general writing skills. It’s definitely worth it. If you are interested here is the link you will definitely find it worthwhile

Reading: lots of scientific literature as I also discover many bloggers. I guess Instagram is the best way to find people of the same interests; I just love that explore button. It has been my discovering platforms.

Watching: X-factor UK, I really missed it for so long.

Thinking: of watching true detective, my housemates says it cool. I also can’t wait to watch mission impossible in the cinema, I just hope its still showing.

Waiting: On seeing you again, I can’t definitely explain this feeling but I am keeping my fingers crossed. May GOD fulfil our plans.

Obsessing: about Green smoothies, I have literally been living on these the whole month long. I should say that my skin has improved, I have dropped off some pounds and i am still dropping. 

Marvelling: At this statement “ Absence makes the heart fonder” I can’t stop to think that this is so true.

Loving: My new bay my new MacBook Pro, I am stocking up on these apple goodies. It is true “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. My new glasses they just saved my days.


Working: for 10 hours a day and 5 days a week. This has actually become my schedule that I am starting to ignore the need for vitamin D from the sun.

Smelling: Flowers, I have always been a fun of roses. I just wish my life was literally a bed of roses.


Eating:  celery a few years ago, I couldn’t stand the smell of celery and parsley. Right now, I am hooked. I eat in steamed and make green smoothies with it. I think I should try a parsley and celery green smoothie soon.

Trying: peanuts (binyebwa). When I was growing up, I put it in my mind that I couldn’t eat peanuts (ground nuts) cause they gave me a nauseated feel after a handful munch. Right now, I love these peanuts from Aldi because they lack the skin that sticks in your teeth to give you a “ki-kati (whats up) when you smile.”


Enjoying: the beautiful weather here that is comparable to none. I love the sun, the cool winds and that my skin isn’t drained of its moisture.

Treating: this  mouth sore, to be honest I never used to bite myself but recently as I was having a chicken treat, I happened to miss the chicken for my lip. It’s been bad I should say but Oh well. I am getting better.

Wishing: my hairstyle could stay for a year considering that salons here cost more than $200 yet you cant be sure of the outcome.

Going: to experiment on my own hair. With all these YouTube Videos available, I will be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of them all. Hahaha that sounds funny but I have already done a few repairs on my kinky front braids and I love the outcome.

Remembering: the hustle I have gone through try to get myself hair oil. You know our natural 4C hair can’t do without the magic spray bottle. Thanks to Heaven, I finally found myself some Jamaican Black Castor oil, Eco styler gel and a conditioner to keep my hair healthy here. I will be making a post about my naturale hair routine soon, very soon.

Training: my core and lower body. To be honest, I love working out and I have seen my body transform through my workout routine. If you didn’t know, I am on a 60 days fitness challenge. Today marks the 32nd day of it. This means that I have 28 days to go. Do you want to know what workouts I do? Comment and I will be glad to share.

Wondering: how I can get to use Snapchat effectively.  I must admit I am failing to record videos. Any hints about this? Also please show me some love, because I am new at this. Username: purelygalore

Congratulating: myself on the blog changes I have made. Trust the power of the Internet. I have been able to remodel my blog and change the name from www.purelygalore.wordpress.com to www.purelygalore.com for easy accessibility while you look it out on the web. My brother on his new job appointment, well done Victor!! Indeed you are a Victor!

Pondering: on how far humility can take me. Last Sunday we were honoured to din with a loving Australian family that has become part of my family here. This gave us a chance to tour their home and also share some of the light moments together. We later discovered some outstanding things about this Christian family. In any normal setting, these kinds of accolades and repute would make someone proud and arrogant but this was never the case. I was really humbled. Today it is my prayer that GOD may give me such humility not to pride myself in my achievements but only in HIM.

Thanks for stopping by,

Love and Love



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