Tenerife Has MY HEART – Part One 

There is nothing more rewarding at the end of a year like a revitalising get away. Many of us work so hard all year round so by the time the year dawns on us all we crave for is a vacation to breath and have a moment of our lives. I must say I am drawn to travel, I am consumed by wanderlust, always yearning for a perfect vacation. Today has been so one of those busy hard days, I barely had any “me time.” As I watched the sun set from my office window I figured that making this blog post would give me some kind of inspiration.

I have been to a couple places but there is no destination place I’ve loved like Tenerife. I can’t begin to explain just how stunning its sights are. The moment We landed at the airport I was awed. I can’t really find the right reasons to convince someone that Tenerife is not a place to be. From the beautiful weather, opulently designed buildings, the blue waters and white sand beaches, to the breeze from the Mediterranean sea, friendly people, to Spanish Good looking men. I was wowed! You definitely don’t get bored when on this Island.

Opulently designed architecture with warm neutral colors that made the place look so clean and serene.

I loved the early morning walks to the beach just to catch the sun rise. Indeed this was an island. It had everything that you need to have a perfect and memorable holiday

Unlike beaches back home, Tenerife beaches were free and open to the public. One only paid for the Aquilla seat ( in blue ) if you need a perfect sunbath.

The best thing to do on a hot afternoon was to bask in the sun’s glory

 The beautiful sea birds, I managed to have a picture of them.

The hallway to the playas( means beach in Spanish) Los Christiano

One of those random pictures taken by my paparazzi. She really tried  

Palms oh palms! I love palms

All she needs was some sand under her feet

I would love to hear your views about holiday destinations and what places would you recommend to me for my next holiday destination.

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