The thing about whole fruit DETOXING WATER

DETOXING, anyone??? I recall this concept of osmosis way back from my secondary school. Heard about movement of solvents through a semi-permeable membrane to areas of high solute concentrations? This is exactly what happens when you make whole fruit detox water. Basically, you have your clean ready to drink water acting as your (solvent) into which the nutrients from fruits (that have semi-permeable membrane) move by osmosis.

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food~ Hippocrates

Whole fruits, legumes, whole grain plants and vegetables have phytonutrients and antioxidants, antioxidants are capable of reversing free radicals( such as free oxygen and hydrogen molecules) that could potentially harm our bodies causing cancers and cell damages since the human body is made up of cells. Whereas phytonutrients are important plant nutrients that support proper human body function.  Therefore with a detox you are getting rid of all toxins from the body. Mark you most of our body toxins are consumed through what we eat; drink and inhale. We consume processed foods, insecticide treated foods, inhale polluted air and smokes, and enjoy energiser drinks, sodas and alcohols among others; which over-weigh our bodies.


Cut small pieces of citric fruits ( lemon, lime, oranges, grape fruits  among others), whole fruits like (kiwis, cucumbers), berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries among others.

Put these pieces into a jar (pitcher) filled with clean drinking water and refrigerate for 3-6hours to allow the infusion of the phytonutrients into the water.

Consume the water and dispose off the fruits used because most times the citrus fruits become bitter with time.


I personally do water detoxes for purposes of cleaning and flushing  toxins out of  my digestive system. You will notice that your bowel movements will improve. This detox water basically helps to unclog the large intestines and allow easy digestion of food. Consequently you notice a change in body weight since you start to lose “water weight.” On occasions I suffer from bloating especially before that “time of the month” but each time I do this simple water detox ,the bloated feel is reversed. As a result, my energy levels are elevated and I am more lively during my busy days. I have also seen improvement in my skin tone and now have a few or no breakouts.

How often? 

Depending on your personal needs, whole fruit detox waters can be taken every after three weeks or fortnightly. You should choose to detox at least once a month. The amount of citric fruits should be varied to avoid acidity which could ruin teeth enamels and also corrode the stomach internal walls.


Here I used three fruits: a kiwi, a handful of  blueberries and a white yellow lemon.

I would love to hear your views. Have you tried detoxing? Any lessons you have learned and how often do you detox?
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8 thoughts on “The thing about whole fruit DETOXING WATER

  1. I love this read. I do lemon detoxes and they really work! My skin improves and so does my digestion. I’m glad that I now understand why keeping lemon in my water for a while leaves it tasting bitter 🙂

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    • Thats so true Joan! keep sipping and keep drinking lemon is a detoxifying drink. it contains vitamin C that fights ageing, improves sight and clears the skin. No wonder any blemish clearing facial products contain a component of it. I love it because it adds taste to my water and helps me beat my target water intake, normal water is hard to drink coz of its flat taste but with a slice of lemon you are good to go


  2. I started doing this very recently… not as a way to detox (didn’t know I could do this to detox.. lol) but to flavor my water. I’m not a natural water drinker but I realized I needed to up my water intake… for my skin especially. Is it okay to do this all the time not just say once or twice a month?

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  3. It is OK to do it often. I drink ‘lemon water” like everyday. The issue is with how much of the lemon you use. If you have ulcer problems, lemon isn’t the best. But if a half or slice of lemon is used, you are good to go. Too much lemon concentrations have been found to cause teeth sensitive but a little slice everyday wont do you harm at all. keep drinking the lemon water it has a lot of good things it does for the body.


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