A letter to Freedom- 10th August, I celebrate you,


10th August is a very special day to me. It is the wonderful day that she was born. From the beginning of this all, I knew there was something special about you.. That something about you that touched my heart that I would not let go. I have learnt a lot about you. It’s unlikely that I have people who support me. That special someone who’s stood with me in all.Oh those many fears and dreams that are hard to fathom. You have always listened, offered a shoulder to cry on and one to tap on in those happy moments.. We have almost done everything together, you have never gotten tired of my nonsense and my weird advice, hmmm that motherly thing. You exactly know what I am talking about. You have brought unimaginable joy and warmth to my life, made me feel like a better person ready to take on life.


Wow!! I could write pages and pages about you. But mostly, let me take this time thank GOD for your awesomeness!! You are just on top of your game! I hope this birthday treats you right coz u utterly deserve it.. I wish you a lovely fabulous birthday my beautiful soul. I love you to the bottomless part of my heart..


Happy happy happy happy birthday my dear.. I pray whatever comes our way, that we will keep this love and bond strong… A toast to a new year! A toast to our life story .. You rock.

She is a great cook

A toast to a new year!! Lots of love and blessings. I wish I was close but even distance won’t stop me from celebrating you. Happy birthday Freedom Samantha​! Happy birthday love. You are more than what I could ever ask for in a sister and friend. I love you and I know you know that best.

All the best Freedom,




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