Liebester Award- The Red Carpet experience

Liebester AwardThank you teemaqx for nominating me for the Liebester Award, I am thrilled, It feels like a red carpet experience already. As part of the rule to this award, I am to answer the questions set by the Nominator who happens to be teemaqx.

  1. Who is your role model?
    Jesus, I mean the Bible Jesus
  2. Do you have any regrets in life
    Not starting blogging years ago,Not working out in my early teens
  3. What is your favourite movie?
    August Rush- I have watched it many times and each time feels like a new experience
  4. If you could have a super power what would it be and why?
    Heal the sick, I hate seeing people in Pain and agony, thats why I decided to pursue a medical career
  5. What are your lucky numbers
    7. somehow 7 works for me. 7 is my perfect number
  6. Name something you are afraid of?
    Snakes- they are really creepy, I dread falling thats why I have failed to learn how to bike lastly, not accomplishing my dreams and ambitions
  7. What is your fondest childhood memory?
    Unwrapping new presents on boxing day, its been one of our Family traditions.
  8. Define yourself in 5 words?
    Humble, Extrovert, dynamic, Loyal and loving
  9. What is your greatest achievement this far?
    Starting my PhD and my blog
  10. Why or how did you start blogging?
    I have random thoughts that all this long sat in my small diary, I needed to share some of the experiences in my life. I love pictures and blogging has an element of pictures. I am a writer, I have always written but my writings only stayed on my note pads. To help me inspire someone as i also pick inspiration from fellow bloggers.
    To appreciate life in its fullest.
    How I started blogging? I sat down and jokingly started writing my first blog, i liked the feeling that evening, there on, I continued and I am still continuing. My Blog is my small world with big dreams.

I would love to nominate LizKerenLora to participate in this award and answer the following questions.

  1. Define yourself in five words.

  2. Are you where you’d thought you’d be at this point in life?

  3. Have you ever read a life-changing book? If so, which one [so I can add it to my reading list]? And what did it teach you?

  4. What’s your favorite place to visit? [within your city or someplace you’ve traveled]

  5. What’s the worst fashion choice you’ve ever made?

  6. If you could listen to only five albums for the rest of your life, which would they be?

  7. What show would you love to see make a comeback?

  8. What’s something you’ve been really proud of lately?

  9. If you ruled the world, what’s the first thing you’d change?

  10. Do you have a life motto/philosophy?


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