HELLO AUGUST!!! Taking Stock Two



Hey lovelies it’s yet another new month, Oh August welcome!! Welcome August! Looks like July have just flown by. I didn’t notice how fast time flies.

Starting: Its now three weeks since I made to Australia!! Yeyeyey!! The longest flight I have ever taken but well it took me less than a day to get here. Now I am starting my PhD laboratory work. I am excited cause this literature review thing had become boring.


Drinking: lots of water, thanks to the clean tap water here that doesn’t taste like “chlorine.’’ To be honest, I didn’t like the U.K tap water, It had that chlorine “taste.’’ I guess you are wondering how I learned about the ‘Chlorine taste’’ Well, I accidentally galloped lots of it during my swimming classes.

Thinking: I don’t know, but the price of a car here is tempting. One of my colleagues is selling his at a very affordable price. I really don’t need a car as yet, uh, I just walk to work but the transport system here is not very efficient and it costs way too much. If I got this car, I can easily maneuver around, go sightseeing and spend less money on groceries. I can’t afford to take a bus to the cheap malls coz it will cost me the same 7pounds or more that I would have saved if I bought in a convenient place next to my apartment. I am really thinking of getting myself this car. Help me guys, help me guys. I need all your advice on this.

Meeting: new people and making new friends. So far so best, I have met a couple of good people, I am slowly coping up and I should say I am look forward to meeting more.

Eating: In my first three weeks here, I have had a chance to taste lots of different dishes, like Brazilian barbecue, the delicious empanadas, and couscous (read us kus-kus)-which I was hesitant to try during my time in the U.K. I am looking forward to lots of new dishes considering that my workmates like to throw random parties. I am guessing this will still be the norm that it won’t stop because the previous were in disguise of “welcoming Faith”.

Reading: I know I have a lot to read this new month, but one thing I want to do is to continue the habit of reading my bible. You can’t believe I have bible apps on my gadgets but sometimes I find it hard to even do my daily devotion. Faye Faith Liz, this laziness has to stop, heard.

Wanting Needing: I badly need to secure myself a good camera, been looking at all these links of a Canon 50D. Dear Santa come so soon, your daughter needs this gadget.

Deciding Decided: I guess I have now made up my mind to go for a Mac book pro because I need it for my research and my work comes first. My experience with my work computer has demystified this.

Spending: More time on my research, I don’t know if time is just flying but nowadays I have less time online. I only check my social media in the morning or late in the evening, which is really a good thing to do considering that now I am very busy. This gives me time to concentrate on my work.

Saving: lots of money to afford a holiday at the end of the year. I need to really get back on track. I am still on this. I guess in the near future, I should share with you how I have managed to save and never run in debt even when I didn’t have a job.

Loving:  This lovely person who calls me baby, Oh may GOD bless you! To top the list, I love the free-style lifestyle here, in terms of dress code and culture. OK how did I forget, internet, Internet.. I love the fact that I am not tied down on a 100Mb bundle, I love that now I can read as much, not store my blog posts as drafts until that midnight 1Gb data. If I am to continue on this love part, I might write paragraphs and paragraphs.

Learning: The Australian culture, which is quite similar to the “British culture” considering their history. The rest is work rated and this post isn’t about work

Missing: I cant start missing anyone cause I have a long way until I will see them again. So allow me to skip this for now. When the emotions come, I will pour them out then.

Enjoying: I have this two amazing apps: a) myfitnesspal and Runkeeper. For some reason, I had myFitnesspal account but I hadn’t put it to good use, I am now tracking what I eat, recording my recipes, It calculates for you how many calories, how much you need to consume in a day, what exercises you need to do and how often you need to do exercises putting in account your fitness needs. This way you keep record of your diet and exercises. Whereas Runkeeper, works on GPS and can track your workout and inform you of how many workouts you need to do to achieve your fitness goals.

Beginning: As Today, 1st August, I am beginning my 60days fitness challenge. I have already alerted friends my Instagram and those who would like to join me are welcome. Why I chose 1st August is that I need to keep in account my progress as the months go. This will run for 60 days until the 29th of September. On the 30th of September I will post my before and after results.

Cooking: More of quick fix lunch meals to post on my blog. I will be sharing with you what I am eating in the 60 days because clean eating is very important in achieving fitness results.

Looking:  For African hair products in Brisbane. I anxiously need shea moisture At least from all the YouTube reviews, every natural 4C girl needs to give them a try.

Changing: my blog name to .com instead of .wordpress.com. It’s high time a sister upgraded. I think the .com sounds cool? What do you think? I am still working on this progress though. Fellow bloggers please advise me.

Wearing: My white converse. I love looooooooove that I can wear them with anything. I am also loving my RayBan shades that I got on a bargain during the University’s open day. I am rocking them every single day..



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