DRYNESS AT BAY with Neutrogena Hydroboost


I have been fighting with a dry flaking skin for the last two weeks. This forced me to intensely research on possible causes, and narrowed them to change of weather, water and strong winds here in Australia. Despite drinking lots of water and applying my usual moisturiser, the dryness had persisted far too long for my liking. Thanks to google and beautiful reviews I have read about this Neutrogena Hydroboost, I decided to give it a try since I am always hesitant trying out new products especially those affecting my routine facial skincare.

pic 1

I must say, that my face has fallen in love with this product. a) It is light in texture yet leaving my skin feeling feeling supple. b) well moisturised and it is free of any oils that would clog my blemish prone skin. c) I usually have an oily skin with shines around my T-zone and I had come to terms with this but after using this product for two weeks now, my face is well moisturised with no more shines. So far, I am loving this product and I would gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a light-weight moisturiser that leaves your skin moisturised all day long. d) Its relatively cheap that you wont have to break a bank to get it, I got mine (48g for $28 Australian Dollars), this is quite pricy though but considering its effectiveness, the price is just appropriate for a very good moisturiser such as this.

I would love to hear your views about this product, if so, please suggest any other moisturisers that you have used and i will be glad to to try one or two of them.

Disclaimer:  This is not a financially supported/ sponspored review, Its out of my own experience after using this product

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5 thoughts on “DRYNESS AT BAY with Neutrogena Hydroboost

  1. I haven’t used N. Hydroboost but I guess it is good because neutrogena has good products. I remember when I was struggling with breakouts I used the neutrogena acne cleanser and I found it helpful. This is just to say you can never go wrong with their products especially when they work for your skin.

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