Things I have learned in my twenties 

Today I have been very motivated to introduce the series of what I have learnt so far in my life. They say life itself is a lesson and each day posses a new challenge. I have been keen enough to give my experience about life so far. 

  1. Prayer is everything
    Heard of the saying “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” Too often we only run to GOD when we want something, after we have it we forget all about HIM. Not knowing that HE is the same Father we are going to run back to when what we asked for is failing or when we need some thing new. I have learnt that even the slightest of the prayers saves the day. I recall some day, I felt the need to pray for a friend of mine and I acted towards it, little did I know that she was going through a bad situation at that time and prayer was what she needed.


2. Fail early and often; time is your best asset
When you are young, your greatest asset is not your talent nor your ideas nor your experience, but your time. Time grants you the opportunity to take big risks and make big mistakes. Dropping everything and traveling the world for a couple of years, trying out any new job away from home, contesting for a beauty pageant or investing all your money in a pyramid scheme only to lose all of it, trying to work as a sales girl with hopes of making $100 per sales or investing your time and feelings in that bad guy that everyone warns you about. You can only get away with these things when you’re young. This is the time in your life where you have the least amount to lose by taking some long-shot risks. It’s the disastrous failures and mistakes of these years that will prepare you for your future successes in the long run.

3. You will lose some friends
I recall while growing up my mum told me to beware of friends- a statement very evident in the bible here. I have come to learn, there are two types of friends in life: those that when you go away for a long time and come back, it feels like nothing’s changed, and the ones that when you go away for a long time and come back, it feels like everything’s changed. I’ve spent a couple of years living in a number of countries and therefore lost a given number of them. But No single day have I sat and mourned about five it cause it’s part of growing up. I have come to terms with it and I know that you can’t force friendship. Some will come and some will go. It’s just the way life is. 

Type of friends that stick no matter the situation

4. Goals are just goals

You will notice from most of my posts that I am a true Holy bible believer of the bible and it clearly states in  Proverbs 16:9 that we can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps. In other words, after we have spent almost two decades in school, we expect to come out and get good jobs, earn that salary you have always dreamt of, travel the world, live a lavish lifestyle, because school conditions us to a “result-oriented environment.” Unfortunately this is never the case, so we leave school and end up leaving way below our dreams.

When I first started working after my undergraduate degree, I jotted a list of goals I wanted to accomplish by the time I turned 27 years. For the last 4 years I have achieved just have a quarter of them and I am still struggling. As I have grown, I’ve discovered that some of the life goals I set for myself were not exactly the things I wanted personally. Setting those goals taught me what was not important to me in my life. Now I am on this goal of getting my PhD done in the least amount of time possible. 

Possibly we all work towards this

  1. Take it slow when it comes to marriage and settling

Possibly you might be going through this exact phase where your close friends and all the people in your circles are setting down for marriage and the pressure to do so is working on you. What I can tell you is that “relax, and enjoy the ride, your life-long spouse is on his/her way”. I have gone through this pressure, not directly but it is there, where when you tell anyone your ambitions without mentioning, “settling down or starting a family,” you are considered unserious. Relax, you aren’t alone, many of us by 20 we don’t really know what we want, but as you grow, you tend to make priorities and discoveries about your true self, this makes you a better companion to even your future spouse. I’m not discouraging you from settling, but if you feel you aren’t ready, then don’t go in for it. It makes no sense to rush when you are going to crush.


6. Pay Attention to opportunities
Recently I was sharing my experience of how I ended up getting my job in Australia. I recall when I was almost done with my MSc in the UK, I embarked on looking for an international position. Thanks to Google, on a fateful weekend I engaged my search engine and to my surprise I discovered this vacancy four days to its closure. I fidgeted, sat down and wrote an expression of interest the whole weekend. I emailed the RSVP address informing them that I was interested in the position but lacked my full transcript since I was still working on my MSc project. I immediately got a positive response that geared my spirits higher. By Sunday evening U.K. Time (and Monday morning in Australia) I had sent my application minus my MSc results and reference letters (but I had included my refs contacts). Two weeks later on I was invited to have a Skype call with my current boss and I turned out to be the best candidate for the job.  The moral of the story is, pay attention to opportunities and act on them. Today I am fortunate enough to work my way to do something I like do and  fulfilling my dream.

I was privileged to feature in the postgraduate prospectus- one of the opportunities that have come my way

I was privileged to feature in the postgraduate prospectus- one of the opportunities that have come my way

7.Your mother is always right

There have a number of times that I have wished I listened to my mother. I remember there was a time in my life when I was dating a guy that my mum detested. She didn’t really give me reasons as to why she found him unworthy, but time revealed it. At that moment of my life, all I could say was I wish I had listened to my mother. It’s of recent that I came to terms with this statement, “Your mother is always right”. I know some of you might disagree but this is true. Not only in relationships but also in all life experiences, she has been there and she has seen it all.

Of course my mum is always right thats why I am at the left

More of this is yet to come. Thanks for stopping by,



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