My life has been overwhelmingly changing this year. I have had lots of pending issues and assignments to accomplish in the past six months. Consequently I have experienced mental, physical and emotional growth.  As you might have noticed from my Instagram, I recently relocated to Australia for work, leaving behind my family and everything in Uganda. My first week here has been so strange, I guess like how relocating to a new country is always. I have had to adjust to the biggest time difference ever in my life (imagine a 7 hours time difference) and I have struggled with sleeping patterns since I am usually nocturnal and often insomniac. Being  open minded and my keen readiness to take chances has helped me a lot and I am really coping very well. You might know from my previous posts this and this I am into career development and am very open minded when it comes to this.  In addition, a place like Australia is awesomely beautiful! I am wowed by almost everything, from friendly people to an amazing terrain, beautiful apartments, the well planned cities, the suuuuuuunnnnn I should say that again the suuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn!! We are currently in “winter with the sun.” a lovely workmates team that welcomed me with free coffee and free lunch on my first day of work and a well planned orientation week. This got me thinking, why did I wait this long!!  ( posts about the beautiful Australia to follow soon).

As for now, let me share with you what I wore couple of weeks ago, About this attire, I loved the Ivory dress that I bought last minute from Boohoo  before I the U.K. The fact that it came with its own statement necklace and it was only 15quid! I couldn’t just resist it. I paired it with this lime green neutral clutch and grey barely there heel sandals to create a simple but sophisticated look for a dinner date.      I          Until next time,  ❤️💙💛💚💜,  Faye


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