A friend who sticks closer than a brother 


Why I love the bible it has word in every situation of life: proverbs 18: 24 “a man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Recently I had a chitchat with my in-circle reminiscing about how we have come as friends. One of them ( I won’t mention the name but she is in these pictures) said that,  “when you reach that age at which making new close friends is hard, you know you have grown.” Not to freak out on this matter, but gone are the days when we changed close friends as cloths. That said, there friends who will stick closer than a brother, those that will stick with you no matter what situation you are going through, the type that ain’t “fair weather friends,” a term I recall using many years ago in high school.


Today let this post be about my two friends, Gloriyah and Freedom, a pick from the lot. Our friendship has stood the test of time. Grown from mere chats,  to fights, quarrels, happy moments, shopping sprees, wearing same cloths, late night calls just to say a burning issue out, caucus meetings- when i say caucus meetings these two know them better, walks to no-where, eat outs, hard-up moments, distance, I mean long distances between us, less communication due to busy schedules, home visits, family reunions, happiness and more happiness, oh well my list is endless.  

On this note I would love to take this moment to thank GOD for letting our paths meet, probably if this hadn’t happened I don’t know how our lives would have been.. With you girls have learnt to step into the unknown, you have encouraged me to soar like an eagle even when the future is so bleak . I have seen each of our lives grow, and it’s true I believe that a cord of three is not quickly easily broken and three are even better. I don’t usually get this emotional but you today I just had to.

A toast to many beautiful moments ahead, a toast to friendship, union and love.

Photo Credit: Chris

My outfit:

Polka dotted top: Thrifted Gazaland mall at 4,000 ugx ( Approximately $USD1.2)

Leather detail tights: Similar here

Shoes: Gwenda topshop




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