Taking stock ~ ONE: Hello July, hello last half of the year’s

     I have been dreading this post but after reading my fellow bloggers ChocolatyPrints  and This is ess am compelled to. I thinking take stock is a  checks and balance thing sorta and a better thing to share my views on given aspects of life. Oh before I forget, happy Third quarter of the year.

Starting: my Ph.D this month. I know people ask me, “Are you ready? And the answer is no, ofcourse not. I am not sure how someone makes themselves ready for change.

Drinking: lots of PickWick Turkish apple Tea and lots of water as usual, a bottle of Rwenzori (if I can’t find it, I will choose any) mineral water everywhere I go. Am just about to resume the healthy smoothies and detox waters coz I have seen their impact on my skin, diet and fitness.

Travelling: to new destinations; I am not suffering from wanderlust. For the first time I am not restless or eager to get away. But change is coming and I am going to meet it up with my chin up because it’s going to be an adventure.

Meeting: new people and making new friends, I think I am slowly mastering how to go about this, considering I am practicing how to be patient and give complements to almost everyone I meet.

Eating: lots of vegetables and fruits, I am loving this mango season here in Uganda, to be honest I was never a fan of them but I am slowly coping, you could spot me on the steets buying those ripe ones.  I know I know it ain’t healthy but i always find it as an excuse- uhmm, healthy snacking.

Listening  watching: living with my parents for close to six months has rekindled my love for BBC world service, I find the news anchors so cool, I guess it’s because I love the British accent.

Reading: I know I am going to have a lot to read this new month, but one thing I want to do is to continue the habit of reading my bible. You can’t believe I have bible  apps on my gadgets but sometimes I find it hard to even do my daily devotion. Faye Faith Liz, this laziness has to stop, heard?

Wanting Needing: I  badly need to secure myself a good good camera, been looking at all these links of a Canon 50D. Dear Santa come so soon, your daughter needs this gadget. Oh not forgetting a mac computer for my research though I still need to decide if I need a pro or an air😀.  Spending: More time on my research and less on social media, checking holiday destination places and candy crush if I need to get some work  done.

Saving: lots of money to afford a holiday at the end of the year. I need to really get back on track.

Loving:  This lovely person who calls me baby, ok Jokes. loving my black and white polka dotted dress. I wear it like everyday! These pumps I have had since October last year, I have worm them every single day,they are the most comfortable shoes I have had in a long time.

Learning: Not to doze amidst conversations especially on whatsapp. I don’t know but texting is my sleeping pill, have been a culprit. To say no at times, I think I suffer from a yes syndrome , sometimes it gets me thinking, Why are you doing this?

Missing: my baby gal, Nicole, I miss her sneaking into my bed in the nights for a cuddle, I miss dozing with her on  the sofa. Our walks to the park to have play date, the kisses on those mornings that I dropped her at school. Awwwwh I miss her so much.  She tells you the same story for days with the question, “aunt Liz, how did you know?”

Enjoying: the remaining days in Uganda, dinners and luncheons with my love. I certainly can’t trade them for anything. Thrifting chiffon tops from Gazaland building at only 4,000( around $USD1.25), picked some with Forever21, Zara and Hugo boss labels, I just can’t wait to rock them.

Maximising: my Natural 4c hair, I love the fact that I lost my comb and no one complains about my unkempt hair coz they believe it’s the trendy hair style. The rain assures me of no dust and dirt build up in my hair. I can conclude that the rainy season is the best season the have your natural hair open.

Working out resuming: my workout plans. I have actually lost like 4pounds coz I have not been feeding well, that might be water weight though. Uhmm, appetite and anxiety issues creeped in. So I have actually been weak and slaggish at having any workout done but I am in the process of dusting off my weakness.

Cooking: More of quick fix lunch meals to post on my blog. They are handy and cheap to make. I love revamping most of video meals ideas from Instagram.

Looking:  For an app that can edit my blog pictures without making my pictures look grey or too plastic. Sometimes the camera doesn’t do them justice. Been looking for a good photographer here whose bureaucracy ain’t so complicated. Please help a sister.

Changing: my blog name to .com instead of .wordpress.com. It’s high time a sister upgraded. I think the .com sounds cool? What do you think?

Wearing: Rubywoo my favorite lipstick and this animal print dress that featured in my previous post. I love Rubywoo, I could recommend it to everyone. It’s the best shade of red made my Mac.

Ending: all useless relationship, don’t get me wrong, but some ain’t worth it. There is that time you need to let go, not because of anything, but because you ain’t getting anything from them. Need I say? Let go and Let GOD.

Good bye for now,  ❤️💙💚💜💛,  Faye


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