Flash back Friday hype – ON THE STREETS OF LONDON 

Today I am very much excited!! You want know why? This is my 11th blog post  and I have received up an awesome notification from WordPress. I am very much impressed with myself and how far I have come. This is my third month blog anniversary and I must say, I am doing well. 

Of late, I have been reading lots of self-help books one is; The power of positive thinking. After reading its preface, I had to convince my bestie that I would read it in a day because it’s that exact book I needed  to re-affirm my “shaky ” confidence. Talking about confidence, I am usually a confident person but sometimes I suffer bouts of decreased confidence. I will be sharing what I would have learnt from this book in one of the coming posts (Becoming a better person series). If you have any suggestions on how to improve one’s confidence, please kindly share your views with me. How do you keep confident?

Back to today’s theme, Flash back Friday hype alias #FBF is a nice time to reminisce on the good olden days. On this lovely night, I took one of the bravest step to experiment with colors, natural winter light and street fashion on the Great Portland Street, London. Oh how I miss London!! The memories I have of her are really special to me, from the Buckingham Palace, beautiful scenaries in Chiswick, Hammersmith and central London to the thrift shopping experience, the Great London eye not forgetting the Londoner accents and open roof tour shuttles. London is indeed beautiful.

I paired this Boohoo animal print bodycon dress with this thrifted Vintage tourqoise trench coat and my favorite ankle boots.






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