CAFE JAVAS Victoria Mall, A place to visit.

After waking up to showers of rain on Saturday, my plans for the day were kinda shuttered (you know Ugandans with rain; it is always an excuse). I made a deliberation to accompany him to Entebbe- Victoria mall for his meeting. “You are no girl if you dont make good use of every opportunity.” That said, I knew he would have less time for me cause of his engagements so I called my girlfriend, Gloria, to join me. The journey to venue was lovely, we had enough time to catch up on lots.

While his meeting was going on, Gloria and I decided to explore the famous gorgeous Victoria mall as I hadn’t been here before. Facts to admit are: it’s as beautiful as it looks from a distance, well spaced, enough parking, the cleanest washrooms I have been to in any mall around town and borders a great backyard environment. It’s beautiful, serene and more like a one-stop shopping mall with Nakumatt supermarket, KFC, Cafe Javas, electronic shops, cinema, boutiques, salons, travel and tour agents, the list is endless. (If you have/ haven’t been here please share your views/ make time to respectively).   

 Since I have a soft spot for Cafe Javas, it was very easy to choose the place to dine at. If you know me, you should know that I love eating out and once a week I reward myself with a good eat-out experience. When it came to this Cafe Javas Franchise, I was swept away. First, it was Costatine, the waitress,  that welcomed us with a smile and beautiful remarks to make us feel like we were to eat in a home and not just a mere cafe. The interior design and decor was just above the bar, the nudes and pastel,  perfect mix and match themes.  I loved the kitchenware theme at the spot we chose to sit. There were power sockets to help us charge our phones, the cool air-con ambiance and soft cushions and sofas, uhmm! Javas you are in your own league!  

Gloria and I ordered for the traditional beef burgers with French fries, my cafe Javas staple. The thing about my staple is that each time I have it, it tastes as delicious as the previous time regardless of the cafe Javas franchise.  Our meal was as great as it looks in pictures. 

I will definitely visit this place soon for a more sophisticated meal.




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