There is something about make up and I have been  trying to research about how this hype of make up started. To be honest, make up is one the best thing that’s has ever happened to the female species. Don’t quote me, but make up gives us an illusion of a flawless skin, covers a “multitude of (sins) scars” and gives you that matte beautiful finish. 

For a person with an oily and break-out prone skin like mine, I am always skeptical when choosing what range of make up products I use. My advice to anyone with my issue is to choose an oil free make up line. After all my research, I have zeroed down to these few products. 


I like to incorporate a primer, a primer is very important as it creates a barrier between your skin and the make up and it minimizes the appearance of pores. I personally use this Mac PREP+PRIME Plus. Since it gives a glow, I basically spray it once all over my face. After that, I go on to apply my foundation all over the face except around my eyes. My foundation shade ranges from NW46 to NW50, depending on how tanned my skin is with time. For the delicate spots of my face( around the eyes) I use a concealer two shades lighter than my color to highlight my under eyes and also give my face ” a wake up look.” I then finish this up with my studio fix nw45 powder to seal my make up. 



Over the past years, I have learnt to do my eyebrows myself. This is as  a result of past tragic experiences in salons. I once asked a salon lady to tweeze them and left just a line, I mean just a line of scattered brows. I was disillusioned. I later embarked on this journey of grooming my brows. Good enough, I am now comfortable with their thickness and also mastered the expertise of making them fuller and more natural.

I love this Eyebrow kit from sleek and believe me, it has all you need to make your brows natural and fuller. All you need after it is a concealer (lighter than your shade) to clean up any excess of the eyebrow filling. 

As you can see, my brow kit is very old and its left with only the back labels. 

PS: Don’t forget to get rid of your make up before you go to sleep on days you wear it. 

I would love to know what your make up line is? What do you fancy and any suggestions to improve my make up line. 




    • Yes they actually have all face make up including the eyebrow kit. I am not sure if it’s available on the Kenyan market but you can always order online and I know of websites that deliver to Kenya. I could look them up for you and share the links with you my dear.

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