QUICK HEALTHY LUNCH FIX: Egg and stir fried vegetables 

Ever wanted a quick meal that takes less than 20 minutes to prepare but you are thinking hmmm?  This  post is for you. Like how the great Hippocrates said: ” Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be food”. Most times we are weak, suffering from constant colds, headaches among others because of our diets. 

The reason why I love quick lunch fixes is because they are fast to prepare, you don’t need sophisticated foods or ingredients , thus cheap and they are filled with the major dietary benefits.



  • Two medium sized eggs( in shells) 
  • Two carrots pealed and cut into cubes
  • One red onion, cut into cubes 
  • A half of bell pepper, ( colour of your choice: I used  yellow ) 
  • One ripe round red tomato
  • Two table spoons of olive oil (one for making the eggs and another for the vegetables) 
  • A wok( frying pan) 
  • Source of heat
  • Plate


  1. On a quick day, I like my sunny side up (not flipped unbroken yolk eggs). So how I do it is: put a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil to a pan, crack the eggs onto the pan and let the heat do its magic for a minute or two. I let the steam go through the yolk before I can tell that they are ready. 
  2. If some of the oil has remained on the pan, I put the rest of the ingredients ie: cut red onions, cut carrots, cut bell pepper and let them simmer for 2minutes until they are quite tender. If not utilize the second table spoon of olive oil.
  3. Add salt and pepper  to taste. 
  4. Place the vegetables onto the plate with the eggs and top it up with round cut raw tomato strips. ( you could add herbs of your choice onto the tomato strips).
  5. There you have it .
  6. I had my lunch with a glass of whole fruit pink smoothie (recipe will be for another day).  

Nutritional value:

  • Eggs- contain proteins- body building blocks
  • Carrots– contain fibre and vitamins (carotene) 
  • Extra virgin Olive oil– essential fatty acids that help in immune system normal body function


  • This is a perfect meal after a rigorous workout 
  • This meal serves one person  


  • Approximately 250 calories which is only 21% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA)
  • If eaten with a glass of smoothie ( which is 70 calories more) its 320 calories- 27% RDA

Please let me know what you think about this meal, whether it works for you, or you have tried it. 

Thanks for stopping by.




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