Flash back Friday Hype

It’s about that time that I started the #flashbackFriday hype on my blog as it never misses on my Page. On this rare occasion, I decided to peruse through my lost files and landed onto these lovely pictures taken way back in 2012 by one of the best freelance photographers/ architects I have known. Believe me when I say best, I mean best. If you would love to check out his work, please visit his Instagram page.

OK, back onto this #flashbackFriday, first it was the serenity of this part of Lake Victoria that I fell in love with. I was able to breathe, think and get away from all the noise and stress of the city. The ecological niche fitted well in the concept we were looking for that day. The natural light was just as perfect as you see it in the pictures. The background was very shocking given that I first doubted how the pictures would turn out since it looked swampy. But when you are dealing with an expert, you gotta believe. Now all I can say is “Oh take me back to this place. 

|Shade of Grey dress| Joel’s boutique-Prime complex, Kampala +256785786330

|Red and black platform shoes| : naturez shoe boutique, Wandegeya 

Red earring hoops|:  I don’t remember

|Venue|: Part of lake Victoria, Busabaala


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