Over the years I have grown to love smoothies, not only because they are filling but also because of their vital nutrients and the easy to make recipes. Well you just throw in your ingredients, blend and there you have it. I personally can have one as a meal replacement, for purposes of kick starting a workout routine and also  on those days when I feel I am so lazy to make a meal. Oh I could talk lots and lots about smoothies..
Here is one of my best smoothie, I call it the GREEK GODDESS


You will need:

-Two scoops of Greek Yoghurt (low fat yoghurt)

-A handful of raspberries

-A handful of strawberries

-A handful of blueberries

-A glass of milk ( almond milk/ soy milk or normal milk depends on your preference)

A blender and an electric power socket

Throw all the ingredients into a clean blender. Cover the blender and blend away to the consistence you will love..
Let me know if you try it and you can switch the fruits around to have that which you love.


BLUEBERRIES ( get a handful of blueberries )


use a handful of straw berries

use a handful of raspberries

the greek Yoghurt for protein and fibre


All the ingredients into the blender and blend away

How I enjoyed my smoothie


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